Window Cleaning

Window cleaning, For this we offer 2 different methods of cleaning.

Traditional Method:

Traditional window cleaning today is the use of water and detergent, an applicator to wash the window, a squeegee to remove the water, detergent and dirt off the glass. Finally, I use a very absorbent cloth to clean off any remaining solution that has missed by the squeegee, right in the edges where the window meets the frame. The end result is a window that is dry and gleaming. Your frames and sills will also be ‘wiped down’ when moping any excess cleaning solution away.

Modern Method:

In recent years many window cleaners have adopted the use of pure water window cleaning systems that facilitate the cleaning of windows.

Pure water window cleaning is also known as “Water Fed Pole” or WFP Window Cleaning for short.

This is a modern method of window cleaning, Which we use as well as the traditional window cleaning method. In this style of window cleaning, We use only pure deionised water on the glass – No detergents are used to wash and rinse the windows, frames and window sills.

uPVC Frames, Sills and doors:


We don't believe in cleaning just the glass, So each time we clean your windows we clean the frames, Sills and door(s) too.

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